Bonus Content: Three Guest Posts Published Elsewhere

Just a heads-up on three pieces I wrote for other publications recently:

  1. How will the MA Alcohol Tax Repeal Affect Sales Long-term?
    This piece is a call to Massachusetts wholesalers and distributors to look at their assortment of wines and the fully loaded cost of the wines they sell to compete favorably nationally.  I shouldn’t be able to find French and Italian wines in California for 25% less than in Massachusetts.
  2. 2008 Liberte Cabernet Sauvignon Review on Jason’s Wine Blog
    If you like shopping for wine at Trader Joe’s, Jason’s Wine Blog is a must-read.  I shared my thoughts on the a $9.99 Paso Robles Cab I tried recently – check out the action in the comments.
  3. How Taste Tribes are Actually Formed
    A few months back there was some talk online about “badges” being a new/better way to rate wines than the 100 point scale.  Out of that, a discussion around “taste tribes” formed.  I shared my thoughts on this subject in a new multi-contributor online publication called Smart Tastes.

Reminder: After today prices go up for tickets to the 2011 Boston Wine Expo.  Here’s a link to a prior post with a couple angles for discount tickets.

Have a great weekend!


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